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I've reclaimed my Mojo

I actually felt excited to wake up today and at 6am couldn’t stay in bed any longer so I crept downstairs (so as not to wake the kids up!) and made my morning coffee and now I’m sitting here journaling and reflecting on this last month.

I’ve not been myself for weeks. This year I’ve already had 3 flu viruses and all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. I was starting to worry that I was suffering with depression. As much as I tried to remain positive and practice daily gratitude my mood just wouldn’t shift. I realise now that this is a phase I’ve had to go through so as to gain clarity and put me on the path that I’m meant to walk.

I’ve been running my fitness business for the last 7 years now and am still passionate about it however this year i have found that certain aspects of it have exhausted me and as hard as I’ve tried I’ve been met with resistance in some areas. Now, I get that in business there’s going to be plenty of barriers and resistance but when there’s a constant resistance and it starts to play havoc with your personal life perhaps it’s the universe telling you to alter course!?

For a while I didn’t want to accept this as being the case. I fought on with certain areas of the business despite a gut feeling telling me that change was needed. I talked it over and over and over with my husband until I got bored of listening to myself.

My husband is a coach and we started talking about the 80/20 rule.

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It’s such a simple method which you can apply to business and other areas of your life. Not always, but often 80% of your efforts reap 20% of the outcome or in terms of business ‘profits’ but the aim is for 20% of your efforts to reap 80% of your outcome. I looked at every area of my business and applied the 80/20 rule to it. It was like a lightening bolt hit me. Time for change.

I no longer feel lost. I feel excited about where my business is now going and also for new opportunities that await me.

If you are feeling lost and uncertain then just know that it’s all a part of the process and learn to trust that fact. The answers won’t come to you straight away but they will come.

Hannah Murphy (Creator of Globe Fit & The jumping through hoops podcast)

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