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Mindset & Manifesting Courses 


With Shauna Angel Blue

Yes, you're already spiritually connected, and you're doing ok when it comes to your finances (even though you're certainly open for more!).

Yet, there's still this nagging feeling inside of you that you could do even better, you could do so much more...

Maybe you feel unstructured in your routine, scattered in your thoughts and emotionally exhausted right now because you're uncertain of what the future might hold for you.

And, maybe you feel like walking a slippery slope when it comes to deciding on which direction is the right one for your life. I get it.

But what if there was a simple way for you to get what you want in life through clarity of intention and understanding the steps that go into creating a path to "manifest and live" those intentions?


For about 20 minutes every day, you will perform a series of 5 movements, 3 minutes each to shift your being into one of prosperity and magnetize the perfect opportunities for yourself and your dreams. You will be challenged and cared for in a way that helps one penetrate the stresses of this modern world, so you are vital and vibrant; attracting your highest good.

Here are some benefits you will experience throughout the 40 days:

  • You will be drawn to better opportunities to create the life you want

  • You will feel a greater connection and commitment to your soul's purpose

  • You will be guided throughout the day by your higher level of intuition

  • There is room for imperfection, thanks to supercharged accountability

  • You experience serenity in your everyday as you stress less

  • You’re able to make better choices for yourself so that you feel fully aligned with your values

  • You change behaviors constantly on an unconscious level first, so that the new behaviors will show up in reality for your benefit

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