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Are you looking for a mentor who has walked the walk and who can act as a sounding board and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey?


My own entrepreneurial journey began in 2010. After unexpectedly finding myself needing to make ends meet when I became a single mother and redundant from my job as a flight attendant all in the same week I was forced to find a way forwards. I re trained as a fitness instructor and launched my own hula hoop and dance classes in my local village hall. The demand for my classes grew rapidly and so I created my own hula hoop instructor training, online classes and children's fitness camps which then became a multiple 6 figure global brand known as Globe Fit. Alongside this I launched the worlds very first hula hoop championships which to this day continues to expand and evolve.

Naturally I 'fell into' mentoring. After jumping through so many hoops (quite literally) on my own journey, other business owners and start up entrepreneurs started to seek out my advice. I realised that I was able to help others collapse time around how long it would take them to see results. I am now able to share my own valuable lessons and strategies with others who are wishing to build a life and business on their terms.


Using my own entrepreneurial experience, I will mentor you on how to make important mindset shifts and balance your energy field. I will show you how to increase your visibility and raise your public profile through proven intuitive marketing strategies which include getting to grips with social media and increasing your following, featuring in traditional media such as radio, T.V, newspapers and magazines as well as building an email list, attracting your dream client and making more sales.

My private mentoring is tailored to you, where you are currently at and where you desire to be within your business. We can either work together on a weekly or monthly basis via video call and/or Voxer. I also offer full VIP days both in person and online. If you would like to chat about the areas in which you need support and guidance or if you would like to book a mentoring session with me then please get in touch at

You can also book a single session here



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Thank you Hannah for your informative insight on media and marketing. You have given me ideas I would never have thought of or not seen the value in. I now feel focused and super motivated


Hannah has been a revelation. Her 121 coaching has helped me to elevate my yoga business and reach higher goals. She has helped me overcome my fear of technology, gain confidence and believe in myself again. I now feel more inspired to achieve greatness


Hannah has helped me to increase my visibility online and offline. I have been truly inspired and motivated and can see the results of working with Hannah. I have a new found confidence and possess more knowledge in all aspects of business

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