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My signature 8 week program will take you through a powerful up leveling process which will help you to achieve success and abundance in all areas of your life and business.

Get ready to embark on a journey of self development and business mastery as you unlearn everything you have been taught and begin to craft a new reality for yourself.

The IGNITE program was created using my own personal entrepreneurial and personal development experience. I don't just talk the talk, I have walked the walk and it is my heart's desire to share what I have learned with you in order for you to succeed and thrive!

When I work with a new client either through my group or private coaching containers, one of the first things we will get clear on is your 'why'. Through this 8 week program you will discover your why and for most it's a raging desire and passion that exists deep within to make an impact, to inspire and change lives on a deeper level.

Through this program you will reclaim your personal power, come off the page and step into a life filled with purpose and meaning where the money simply becomes a by product of that.

Do you want to find out who you are when you come alive off the page? You hold all of the power to find out for yourself but if you would like me to walk the journey with you and support you as you up level, then the IGNITE program will help you discover your true potential.


The 8 week module includes the following:

  • A weekly group mastermind call with a live Q&A (90 minutes)

  • Access to 8 modules and workbooks

  • A weekly activation meditation

  • Access to a private Facebook container

  • Access to all of my paid masterclasses and resources for 12 months

  • Topics covered include feminine and masculine energetics, wealth mindset, magnetic branding, social media & impact, story, sales, course and content creation, scaling up and PR/media

*You will also receive 20% off private coaching, VIP days and retreats*



The next round of IGNITE begins the week commencing 23rd January 2023. There will be a maximum of 10 people in the container. Times and days for our group calls will be decided upon once the doors close and all calls will also be available on replay.


The price of this round is £444


Join the January 2023 IGNITE container here:




Alternatively if you have any questions about the program simply email me here

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Sophie White - Founder of Hill Head Beauty & Aesthetics

Hannah is very knowledgeable and great at motivating, which gave me the push I needed to fully launch my business. You can tell that she is passionate and genuinely cares about what she does. I love that it is a group coaching too, as I connected with some lovely, like-minded individuals and we were able to share and discuss ideas via the Facebook group. Since taking the course, my business has increased revenue and grown in online following! Thank you Hannah'


Zoe Walker - Abstract Artist

‘I’ve progressed in so many ways in just 8 weeks, thank you so much Hannah Charlotte. The biggest shift for me has been releasing the money block I had and the fear of people judging me. I now know my worth, I know my soulmate clients are out there and I actually enjoy showing up on social media everyday and building my community. One of the most helpful parts of the course has been all the tips and tricks on building your social media, email platforms and website editing.


Shailly Sardana - Owner of Shailly's Bollifit

Hannah is very approachable and gives very practical advice which you can relate to. This course has helped me a lot especially when it comes to social media. I would definitely recommend Hannah’s course as she genuinely will help you to succeed

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